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Template generation

To generate Go code from *.templ files, use the templ command line tool.

templ generate

The templ generate command will recurse into subdirectories and generate Go code for every *.templ file it finds.

The command will output a list of files that it processed, how long it took, and the total elapsed time.

main.templ complete in 897.292µs
Generated code for 1 templates with 0 errors in 1.291292ms

Advanced options

The templ generate command has a --help option that prints advanced options.

These include the ability to generate code for a single file and to choose the number of parallel workers that templ generate uses to create Go files.

By default templ generate uses the number of CPUs that your machine has installed.

templ generate --help
  -f string
Optionally generates code for a single file, e.g. -f header.templ
Print help and exit.
-path string
Generates code for all files in path. (default ".")
Set to true to generate HTML files to visualise the templ code and its corresponding Go code.
-w int
Number of workers to run in parallel. (default runtime.NumCPU())