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HTMX can be used to selectively replace content within a web page, instead of replacing the whole page in the browser. This avoids "full-page postbacks", where the whole of the browser window is updated when a button is clicked, and results in a better user experience by reducing screen "flicker", or losing scroll position.


Using HTMX requires:

  • Installation of the HTMX client-side library.
  • Modifying the HTML markup to instruct the library to perform partial screen updates.


To install the HTMX library, download the htmx.min.js file and serve it via HTTP.

Then add a <script> tag to the <head> section of your HTML with the src attribute pointing at the file.

<script src="/assets/js/htmx.min.js"></script>

Advanced HTMX installation and usage help is covered in the user guide at

Count example

To update the counts on the page without a full postback, the hx-post="/" and hx-select="#countsForm" attributes must be added to the <form> element, along with an id attribute to uniquely identify the element.

Adding these attributes instructs the HTMX library to replace the browser's HTTP form POST and subsequent refresh with a request from HTMX instead. HTMX issues a HTTP POST operation to the / endpoint, and replaces the <form> element with the HTML that is returned.

The / endpoint returns a complete HTML page instead of just the updated <form> element HTML. The hx-select="#countsForm" instructs HTMX to extract the HTML content within the countsForm element that is returned by the web server to replace the <form> element.

templ counts(global, session int) {
<form id="countsForm" action="/" method="POST" hx-post="/" hx-select="#countsForm" hx-swap="outerHTML">
<div class="columns">
<div class={ "column", "has-text-centered", "is-primary", border }>
<h1 class="title is-size-1 has-text-centered">{ strconv.Itoa(global) }</h1>
<p class="subtitle has-text-centered">Global</p>
<div><button class="button is-primary" type="submit" name="global" value="global">+1</button></div>
<div class={ "column", "has-text-centered", border }>
<h1 class="title is-size-1 has-text-centered">{ strconv.Itoa(session) }</h1>
<p class="subtitle has-text-centered">Session</p>
<div><button class="button is-secondary" type="submit" name="session" value="session">+1</button></div>

The example can be viewed at

Complete source code including AWS CDK code to set up the infrastructure is available at