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Deploying static files

Once you have built static HTML files with templ, you can serve them on any static site hosting platform, or use a web server to serve them.

Ways you could host your site include:

  • Netlify
  • Vercel
  • AWS Amplify
  • Firebase Hosting

Typically specialist static hosting services are more cost-effective than VM or Docker-based services, due to the less complex compute and networking requirements.

Most require you to commit your code to a source repository, with a build process being triggered on commit, but allows you to deploy easily from the CLI. is a provider of hosting that is straightforward to use, and has a generous free tier. is Docker-based, so you can easily switch out to a dynamic website if you need to.

Following on from the blog example, all that's required is to add a Dockerfile to the project that copies the contents of the public directory into the Docker image, followed by running flyctl launch to initialize configuration.

FROM pierrezemb/gostatic
COPY ./public/ /srv/http/
ENTRYPOINT ["/goStatic", "-port", "8080"]

More detailed documentation is available at